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Creative Dance and Movement Groups

Who are these groups for?

For any individual who would like to take time out, and focus on their own personal development through a creative dance and movement process. You are welcome whether you are a professional, housewife, dancer, novice or experienced mover, or someone suffering from an ongoing physical illness. The entry requirement is a willingness to experience moving and ‘being moved’ through one’s body-self expression.

The purpose of these groups

This will allow individuals to become more in touch with themselves from a bodily perspective. Following a developmental body movement prospective, participants may come to appreciate their bodily senses and learn to listen to its language - a contrast to the busy modem world that we live in. Being creative may access a greater understanding of self through connecting thoughts and feelings with body action. The group context enables people to share these new felt experiences at will. Please note that I run these groups as a movement specialist and not an altemate to therapy or counselling.

Practical Details

There are two separate groups running on a Saturdays once a month between February and July 2003 providing three hours of creative exploration and a 15-minute break. The number of places is limited to keep a relaxed and personal atmosphere.


If you are interested in attending a session please contact me for details of dates and times.

Future Events

Creative Dance & Movement Groups

These groups currently run once a year for six months. I am considering running additional four monthly sessions in the autumn. If you would be interested in these please email me.

Workshop Series - Possible New Topics

These are a series of practical workshops explaining more about the value of using different approaches towards the body and movement.

For example,

  1. The first three fundamental principles of developmental ‘body movement’ based on the work of Irmgard Bartenieff
  2. Chacian work.
  3. Gestalt Movement. These workshops will be advertised from time to time on this website.

Other workshops could include some of the following titles. I would appreciate any other suggestions as well as feedback on these topics stating whether any of these interest you.

  1. Developing your own expression through creative dance
  2. Basic contact improvisation
  3. Managing your body image to maintain or lose weight
  4. Choreography tools
  5. Exploring dance as a means to meet ‘God’ as a creator and healer
  6. Using movement and dance to combat stress.


Call now or contact me for further details. Don't put it off any longer.