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What is Gestalt therapy?

Gestalt therapy is based on a genuine therapeutic relationship between two human beings where in itself it creates the forum for awareness, which enables the client to explore and understand oneself and how one interacts with others. Placing valuing on phenomenological experience in the present,
experimentation, providing space, questioning, and self-reflection.

What I offer?

I am aprivate practising Gestalt therapist offering a personal service for individuals to take time out to talk and ‘be’ with someone in a warm, confidential, impartial environment. This process can help you to explore and gain a greater understanding of your own journey in a deeper and more meaningful way. Potentially it offers release and healing of hurts and creates a forum to make informed choices and open up changes in your life that once seemed impossible.

How might therapy help you?

If you are faced with situations and feeling that appear to be too difficult to handle totally on your own. When you want to change unhelpful pattems of behaviour, which are hindering your ability to function fully, and to form or maintain relationships.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who is feeling stuck and powerless, lacking in self-confidence and self-esteem, depressed, lost interest in life, isolated, confused and unsupported. Struggling with issues of letting go of past hurts, changes at work, relationships or dealing with bereavement. If you are feeling frustrated, anxious, afraid, or angry but not really knowing why. Perhaps you are feeling numb and are not able to feel any emotion or know what you really want in life. Maybe you have a need to regain a sense of connection
with ‘Self, others and the environment. You may want to re-evaluate their personal development and professional life through gaining more self-awareness.

My approach

I value each individual highly as a creative being who has the capacity to find their own truth, a sense of being and the potential to live life to the full. I work with a holistic body integrated approach, which recognises the value in connecting thoughts and feelings with the experiencing, spiritual self As a therapist I provide a warm, relaxed and safe environment where you can feel comfortable working through personal issues in a non-judgmental way. I aim to develop a trusting and respectful relationship, to explore (maybe creatively) changes and personal growth and the discovery of a ‘new way of being’.

Code of Ethics

I am currently studying towards a MSc qualification in Gestalt psychotherapy. I am bound by the Code of Ethics and Practice of Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, Nottingham, which is affiliated to UKCP registration.

How long does therapy take?

You may want to contract for six weeks or six months with a six-week review or keep it open ended.

What next?

If you would like to book an initial consultation then this will provide an opportunity for us to meet and decide if we feel able to work together. You may also want to discuss or outline some aims and a therapy contract.


If you would like to book an initial appointment session please phone me on 01332 372619. If you leave a message I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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